We make every effort to ensure our tours & packages run smoothly and according to the posted itineraries. However, we reserve the right to modify our itineraries as we deem necessary to keep everything running comfortably. The planned itinerary is a representative of the types of accommodations, but the actual itinerary, including routes, schedules, amenities, modes of transport, and other items, may still be subject to alteration due to availability and weather conditions.


You may request special meal requests or dietary restrictions for each traveller when you book your tour.


When you make a booking, we require certain personal information (see below). By using our website, booking travel with us or submitting any personal information to us, you indicate your acceptance of our Privacy Policy.


To make a booking, we require that you supply certain personal information, including the full name, birthdate, and passport information for each traveller. We also require contact information including address, phone number and an e-mail address from the person making the booking. We request a phone number for all other travellers, except for minors and family members who live together at the same address, in order for us to reach you and your travel companions in case of last-minute itinerary changes or emergencies. For each traveller we require the name and contact information of a designated emergency contact person who is not traveling with you. You are responsible for verifying that any information you provide for yourself and on behalf of other travellers on your booking is complete and accurate.

Cancellation Policy:

Payment for the tour is a fundamental part of the tours income and contributes to the overall cost of equipment, running costs, staffing, administration etc. As the company will have incurred most of its costs before the tour starts, we need to impose cancellation charges to cover these costs.

Deposits are non-refundable.
If you cancel your booking, we will impose cancellation charges as follows:
• 30 days or more prior to departure – 35% loss of deposit.
• 15-29 days before departure – 30% of tour cost.
• 7-14 days before departure – 50% of tour cost.
• 6 or fewer days before departure – 80% of tour cost.
* Or deposit if greater.

Tailor-made tours may be subject to alternative cancellation terms, which will be communicated to applicable clients at the time of booking.

All cancellations must be in writing and be made by the person who submitted the booking form. Please send an email to your contact at the company info@kalaharisafaris.co.za

Once the tour has started, no refund for any unused portion or part of the tour or services to be provided will be given. If you want to make any changes to the tour, or depart the tour early, such alteration or departure will be entirely at your own expense and liability. You will also need to communicate in writing to the tour operator your reason for leaving the tour.

Thank you for your co-operation.